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Reading is a big part of my life. From a creative perspective I see reading as a way to broaden my creative palette. I feel that all types of literature are beneficial, in fact as a designer, I believe it is almost better to read outside one's own subject. This is why the majority of the books seen here will probaböy not be specifically design related.
I decided to start compiling a list of books as I read them. More as a personal log, but also as a good way to solidify the key elements in my own mind. These will be presented reverse chronological order and not by merit or content. Each book will be accompanied by a 500 word (approx) long text, outlining my thoughts, take aways or just a description of the plot.

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Ukraine to scale 1:1

Oleh Kryštopa

Finished on 13.12.2021

...One of my favorite experiences when reading a book, be it fiction or nonfiction, is the ability to visit and experience places and cultures I am otherwise very ignorant of. Not only is it fascinating to find out new things, but in a way it's also a great way to build empathy. Quite often it can remind me that people all over the world have similar struggles, aspirations and thoughts. This is one such book. ...

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The Stranger

Albert Camus

Finished on 25.10.2021

...The book is written in short clear sentences but coloured with vivid descriptions of banal, human things, feelings and sensations, such as the almost ever present sun, and its power to render one uncomfortable...

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The Invention of Sicily

Jamie Mackay

Finished on 19.10.2021

...To anyone who's visited Sicily and experienced the uniqueness and vibrancy of this roughly hewn jewel, the news that there is a deep and involved history to be discovered will come as little surprise. What may be surprising however is just how much has occurred on, and to, this small island. More often than not, it has been both a vanguard of progressive political ideas in Europe and at times a touchstone for more nefarious movements. This is a place where religion, culture and people collide under the relentless heat of the Mediterranean sun, a place on the edge and at the centre of Europe.

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Joseph Conrad

Finished on 05.08.2021

...At first Glance this book may appear to be a familiar story about a colonial gentleman searching for adventure in the tropics. The reverse is in fact true, saturated in an unnerving atmosphere of one being where one shouldn’t be, the lush tropical setting quickly turns hostile. This book dissects the civilised world, its preconceptions, arrogance and its inability to process emotion. The portrayal of women is lacking, and the view of “native” or “savage” people can be jarring, however these opinions are set firmly into the mouths of the characters and as such reflect them and their thoughts rather than being the subject of the book. The protagonist Heyst is reserved and disillusioned but with an ember of hope calmly smouldering inside him, much like the distant volcano seen on the horizon from his little island...

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Jan Morris

Finished on 02.08.2021

... I believe this is the first travel writing book I have read. I have always shied away from the genre, perhaps I thought it dry, lacking in plot or just light history made to be consumed on the beach. I am now ashamed of my ignorance. Venice is anything but dry, borning, or unintelligent. The book sparkles with wit and joy, the at times giddy piling on of narratives, lived and from history is captivating. The prose is somehow dense with information and easy to read. This is a book about being in Venice, but really it is about how to enjoy life, which it turns out are very similar things...

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Jane Austen

Finished on 09.06.2021

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Under the Volcano

Malcolm Lowry

Finished on 15.05.2021

...A glass of Anis on the rocks on a hot humid day in the mountains. A deep and fascinating read, at times confusing and disorientating but never anything less than gripping. A warning to people who think they know better and who meddle in the affairs of others. Needs to be re-read to be fully understood, like taking a second shot of Mezcal to clear the head.

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Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead

Olga Tokarczuk

Finished on 31.03.2021

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