Reading armchair prototype

Design info

This chair prototype is the result of my
first year Masters research project at University of Gothenburg, HDK Valand Steneby. The core idea behind which can be described thus:

“Can the design of objects and spaces help us reconnect with the act of reading?”

This simple question is a result of my research into the topic of reading and how objects and spaces affect us, both on a daily basis and over the course of our lives.

Short cylinder lamp

Design info

These little cylinder lamps are a continuation of my investigation into using veneer as a filtering medium. The slightly smaller and simpler format, no height adjustment here, makes these into very versatile lamp shades. I personally see these as being very effective when used in larger quantities to give a room an almost candle light atmosphere.

If such an order ever comes in I would be delighted to see this effect. They also bring to mind chinese lanterns, but perhaps with a scandinavian twist.

Crate Shelf

Design info

This shelf was designed to be positioned perpendicular to a wall rather than run along it. It provides 2 types of storage. The more enclosed boxed sections which act as a sort of open cupboard, and a generously proportioned shelving system behind.

The aesthetic is reminiscent of simple timber fruit crates. At first glance the familiar separated raw pine plank construction conveys a humble and light appearance. But on closer inspection the refined joint details, and careful wood selection reveal a subtle elegance. The asymmetry of the function forward design is further exaggerated through the juxtaposition of thick and thin pine planks.

Untreated Pine, stainless steel fixings.

Ceiling lamp

Design info

A cylindrical ceiling lamp made from a single sheet of Ash veneer. This design came from material research Ponk has been doing on the MONO-SPACES project.

The veneer is glued to the top plate but fastened with bolts along the seam. The simple design highlights the natural beauty of the grain, the bolted fixing allows the material to flex in a natural way.

The bottom rim is reinforced by a strip of the same veneer, its thickness matching the top plate, this gives symmetry to the lamp when switched on.

Pop Lantern

Design info

A finalised version of the cloth lamp prototype. This little lantern is made from birch Plywood and hand dyed cotton twill. 

It’s a simple design which packs away nice and small and is fun to “dress”. The cloth acts as a shade while the open lower part lets some more light out.

A nice bedside or table lamp to read to. The name comes from the metal poppers that hold the whole lantern together.

Reading lamp

Design info

The final version of the adjustable reading light project (see process here). The tubular light shade is made from a single piece of spiraled ash veneer.

The light within can be adjusted and set in place using the knob on the top of the lamp. The adjustment allows the user to choose the ratio of task to ambient light.

For optimum reading conditions the tube is fully covering the light, this gives a nice glow and a spot light under the lamp for the reader.

Dovetail library

Design info

A commissioned project, built inside an old country house in Germany.

The design takes cues from the original detailing while also retaining a pared back practical aesthetic. I was the sole designer and maker on this project.

The raw material, was prepared and provided locally.

Spring stool

Design info

This stool is a celebration of Ash. Ash is a great wood for steam bending and has great strength under pressure.

The idea is to subvert the usual seat and four legs by replacing a typically strong leg element with a steam bent curve.

This produces a pleasing rotational symmetry and a fun seating experience. Similar to sitting on a Yoga ball but more stable. This continuous bouncing also helps keep the user active and helps posture.

Small spring stool

Design info

This is a smaller, simplified version of the larger Spring stool. Here I was mainly testing different leg thicknesses and lengths and seeing if this idea could work at a smaller scale.

The overall result is pleasing in its simplicity however the bouncy nature was slightly reduced as a result of the change in dimensitons, this could be corrected with more testing.

Still, a good exercise in finding the essence of a design. I tried to accentuate the simplicity and elegance of the geometric form further by finishing the wood in matte white wax.

CLT lamp

Design info

This project was the result of a workshop exploring alternative uses for cross laminated timber (CLT) waste. The design highlights the natural aesthetic of the material.

At first glance the lamp looks like a block of rough spruce, but when switched on reveals the forgotten beauty that lies within. CLT is normally used in construction.

It comes in large sheets that are made by laminating spruce or pine to form a sort of giant plywood sheet. Into this sheet door and window openings are cut, producing waste pieces.

This lamp is just one way in which this discarded material could find new value.

Lounge chair

Design info

Where it all started, this chair has sentimental value and was there at the beginning of this journey.

After leaving architecture this chair was the first test project I made as a freelance Designer.

Oak with light upholstery.

Lounge stool

Design info

A companion foot stool for the lounge chair, Oak with light upholstery.

Wedge lamp

Design info

This little ambient lamp continues the exploration of using veneer shades.

A simple shape that is wrapped in veneer creating a seamless corner light.

Similarly to the CLT light this gives the impression of a solid piece of wood, and then lights up from within to reveal its secret.

Canvas stool

Design info

Exploring laminated and fixing methods. This stool does not use glue. The sheets are bent and then held under tension using bolts.

The cloth seat can be removed and cleaned since the whole stool can be disassembled into its key components.

The aesthetics were inspired by a laminated lounge chair, for which this stool is intended to be a companion.

Revos instruction manual

Design info

This was a commission from a returning customer. The company Revolution Works.

The brief was to design an instruction manual for their new Ebike kit, the revos. It had to be simple, fit on one page of A4, and multinational, so without written text.

Ponk also designed the logo and font for this product.

Procedural logo

Design info

This is a set of business cards for the Geo-mapping and rendering company Procedural.

The abstract geometry both references the logo, (also Ponk design), and the mathematical yet artistic nature of the programming used by the company.

The logo itself is based on a fractal or a constantly repeating pattern, again taking inspiration from procedural mathematics. Which, although technical, are also beautiful.

Mint hanger

Design info

A nice small commissioned project. A coat hanger and shoe shelves with fun colorful details. Can fold flat to the wall. Mint colour to match the floor in the room, with orange accents for contrast.

RW whippet logo

More soon...
E-bike logo design

Design info

Further logo design work for Revolution works. This is for their new Ebike range

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